intercultural mediation

In conflict situations between parties belonging to different cultural backgrounds the lack of understanding between them may be due to a lack of awareness about diverging worldviews, identity issues and ways of expression, both verbal and nonverbal. My aim is to help create this awareness and contextualize culturally determined behaviour, in order to foster understanding.

Once this is established, I facilitate the communication process so that the parties in conflict can find a solution to their problem that suits all.

One defining aspect in my mediation approach is the significance that I attribute to¬† language. The choice of language (mother-tongue or second language) is often underestimated in cross-cultural conflict situations. As a linguist and intercultural expert, I am aware of the importance of being able to express one’s emotions and worldview through the language a person identifies with the most. I am fluent in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, as well as Portuguese and can conduct mediations in these languages.